A new face to www.greghaddow.co.uk

As a busy web designer I rarely get the time to work on my own projects. When I have found a few moments between projects and begin to contemplate the task of redesigning my own website, I found myself suffering from chronic “designer’s block” and I end up procrastinating, aimlessly browsing the internet in search of that fleeting epiphany of inspiration that never comes.

Well, enough was enough and I finally knuckled down to do something about it.

Redesigned from the ground up to be fully responsive, updated with some more of my work and given a fresh new look, this site is inspired by the “flat” design concept that is gaining popularity and generally beginning to replace the more “natural” (skeuomorphic) interfaces that have dominated the web, and our devices and apps until now. Featuring strong colours that frame and draw focus on my work and clean, bold typography I am very pleased with the result.

This article is also the first of what I hope will be a reasonably regular blog about my work, the tools, technologies and code that I use, and generally anything I find of interest (apologies in advance, particularly for the rants).

Finally keep an eye on the MetaMaterial section of the site for an exciting project that I will be launching soon.