Goodbye to Canterbury Cathedral and Hello to the University of Kent

At the end of last month I left the employment of Canterbury Cathedral after 4 years as their Web and Digital Developer.
I greatly enjoyed my time there, am immensely grateful for the support and trust I received, and will miss the many wonderful people I worked with most of all.
Whilst working for the Cathedral I had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects including redesigning the Cathedral’s Site, helping to expose the wealth of history in the Cathedral’s Archives, and building multiple bespoke systems to facilitate the great work of many departments.

A very big thank you to everyone at the Cathedral with a special shout-out to Therese Heslop and Karen Brayshaw for their much valued and sorely missed, professional and personal support over the years.

Onwards and upwards though!…quite literally up a hill… as I am pleased to announce I have joined the Web Development team at the University of Kent just up the hill from the Cathedral. There is some strange nostalgia here for me as the this is the university where I studied my degree.

I will be working as a Web Developer in a small Agile team whom maintain and develop a wide portfolio of sites and system at the University.
A big thank you to everyone in the Information Services team, and particularly the members of WebDev whom have made my first few weeks so welcoming.  I look forward to working alongside them and making my contribution to their great work.
Keep an eye on the University’s public github repository for a peek at some of the work we are able to open source. And on the WebDev blog for updates about what we are working on.