a framework for metadata in Worpdress


MetaMaterial is an extensive framework for handling metadata in WordPress.

MetaMaterial provides a toolset to create form fields or “Meta Boxes” and store and retrieve the information from them, from just about anywhere in WordPress.

Unlike popular plugins like Pods or ACF, this framework dictates nothing about how your forms look and behave and gives you as a developer complete control, whilst still taking care of all the boring bits like saving and retrieving your data and getting your form fields onto the relevant admin pages.

Features include:

  • Complete control over the markup and styles of your forms.
  • Multiple metaboxes per post, page or page custom post type.
  • Multiple position and sorting options for metaboxes.
  • Conditionally show and hide meta boxes per page based on a host of options or via a custom filter.
  • Nested and repeatable fields or whole groups of fields.
  • Full Media Library support using the new media modal, to allow easy selection or upload of images or files.
  • Taxonomy Metadata, add new meta data fields to any Taxonomy.
  • Dashboard Widgets, create dashboard widgets with optional configuration forms.
  • Ajax support, save the data in your metabox without having to reload the whole page or trigger your own ajax actions with ease.

If your a Plug-in developer then why not use MetaMaterial to power your metadata needs! Don’t worry about conflicts with other plug-ins or themes as MetaMaterial has been designed from the ground up to be multi-instance, and will safely namespace all your data and code.

Start building your own truly bespoke interfaces now!


This framework was inspired by the incredible WPAlchemy so a huge thanks to Dimas Begunoff its creator.