Alice on the Wall

I designed and built this website for Alice Collie, a talented artist and friend.

Alice works as a freelance Scenic Artist, painting sets and scenery for theaters across the country, including numerous west-end shows. She wanted a website to showcase and build up interest in her work producing bespoke hand-painted murals and also commissioned portraits and prints. Alice would freely admit she is not the most “techie” person and didn’t really know where to start other than that she wanted a website!

Over a dinner with friends we discussed roughly what it was she wanted the website to achieve and decided on a name “Alice on the Wall”.

I set about purchasing and securing the domain and setting up the hosting for her. I then began prototyping a design idea. Alice loved the concept and so we worked together closely over the course of the sites development until it was complete and she was completely happy with it.

I built the site in a customized version of WordPress, a popular and user friendly CMS (Content Management System), so that Alice would be able to add and update content on the site herself with only minimal training using an intuitive bespoke interface. I still host Alice’s site for her and help her out every now and again if she gets stuck, but she is now updating it like a pro.

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  • Attractive bespoke brick wall design with a dynamically generated layout that grows and adapts as new “bricks” (a.k.a  art work) are added, to maintain the walls appearance.
  • A secondary layout for the print and portrait work that looks like pictures frames hung on the wall, which also adapts to ensure wall is the correct size for whatever is on the page
  • Image handling to ensure appropriate size images for different bricks/frames as well as full size versions in a gallery view
  • Powerful and intuitive back-end to allow Alice to update the site herself, she can easily add new pages and arrange the bricks of frames on them
  • Contact form to allow potential clients to contact Alice directly from the site


Web Design, Wordpress