Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral, mother church of the Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury is one of the most important cathedrals in the country. Each year it welcomes millions of visitors from around the word, whether they come to pray or attend a service, as a tourist, or to attend one of the many Cathedral events, a great number rely on the Cathedral’s website for information.

The site had to appeal to a range of audiences, from more commercial tourist interests, to religious pilgrims, whilst remaining in-keeping with the Cathedral’s mission. I worked in consultation with various departments to deliver a successful and ambitious design. The challenge was to employ innovative solutions to create a platform that provided the tools and functionality to make the site easy for non-specialist staff to maintain and update.

The event and service listings on the site are synchronized automatically with an internal CRM and event management database, used by staff throughout the cathedral to ensure the public always have the latest information regarding services, public events and closures.

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  • Clean aesthetic design incorporating different departmental branding, imagery and colours
  • Automatically maintained, context aware sidebars for news and events
  • Events published and updated directly from internal events database
  • Context aware “tiles” to link to related content
  • Calendar view of news and events
  • Powerful CMS to manage all content, with little or no HTML or CSS knowledge required


Web Design, Wordpress