Canterbury Probate Records Database

An online database of historical Probate records for Canterbury from the years 1396-1858.

This online database application provides powerful search functionality for an extensive index of Wills, Inventories and other probate records held by the Canterbury Cathedral Archives. This wealth of information was previously only available as a very limited set of html pages, which were both impractical to browse and difficult update.

The new database application makes this fantastic historical resource for genealogical research accessible in a modern way.

Providing instant search results as you type, it supports multiple search criteria including a powerful “sounds like” (Soundex) search for Surnames, and can be sorted however desired.

In addition to the public features the database can now be updated directly by logged-in administrators using in-line editing tools, meaning the same powerful search tools can be used to locate and then correct errors, or fill in missing data. Rigorous validation of updated data ensures that the integrity of the data is maintained.

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  • Instant search results as you type
  • Multiple search criteria, including date range searches
  • Powerful “sounds like” (Soundex) search of Surnames
  • In-line editing tools for administrators
  • Strict validation


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