Cathedral Intranet

Canterbury Cathedral has a full time staff of nearly 300 people and an additional volunteer workforce of over 600. Keeping all these people informed of relevant news, providing shared resources and information and providing a staff directory was a challenge that the Cathedral’s current intranet was struggling to achieve.

This new intranet was designed from the ground up to give a clean layout, intuitive structure and navigation with simple and effective widgets and utilities to help in finding the information you need. Linked to the internal events database and email systems, it provides a central and consolidated means for staff to share news, resources and information.

Staff have loved the new look, and even more the new functionality. The events calendar has proven to be a powerful but simplified overview of the events database, a popular means of looking up dates in preference to the full database client, which can be daunting and difficult to navigate for those that do not use it daily.

The vacancies management, designed to be simple and intuitive, has provided a single interface to manage public and internal vacancies, as it is published directly to the Cathedral’s public site, saving the HR department time and effort.

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  • Individual staff profiles (self editable), linked and synced to Active Directory (LDAP) including profile image visible in Outlook.
  • Department profiles including staff hierarchy, and Committee profiles including minutes.
  • Ajax interface to Cathedral events database with calendar week/month/day and table views, including search features.
  • Categorized downloads section.
  • Embedded access to internal image database.
  • Vacancies management linked to main site allowing formatting of vacancies for internal, external or both.
  • Video training facilities.


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