Pilgrims Way


The Pilgrims Way is an historic pilgrims’ route from Winchester to Canterbury. This new site aims to reveal the various routes to modern-day pilgrims. The site features an interactive map showing the different routes, churches, accommodation and points of interest and much more along the way.

The Map uses the powerful Google Maps API to provide a familiar experience to users, whilst integrating with the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API to display the OS maps most used by walkers.

The categorized markers can be toggled on or off individually or in groups, as can the various routes and markers can exist in more than one category, with their icon updated appropriately as categories are toggled on or off. Each marker links to its own page; providing further details and a localised map.

This functionality is backed by bespoke CMS elements, to create and manage the markers and routes and their associated data. Administrators can build new routes or adjust existing routes, using a simple click and drag interface. The process can be aided by utilizing Google’s directions API for walking; to automatically plot a route between any two points using any pedestrian friendly route Google knows of. Of course the routes invariably cross fields and follow paths unknown to Google; a bespoke tool enables admins to easily step in and draw their own routes, with as much precision as required.

New map markers can be easily added and located on the map by clicking in the desired spot or by using Google’s geolocation API to assist; by looking up any address or postcode information entered for an entity. Both the routes and the markers are loaded asynchronously using AJAX to retrieve JSON data, speeding up page loads and making the framework more modular and re-usable.

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  • Fully responsive
  • Interactive map powered by Google Maps API featuring multiple layers including Ordnance Survey(OS) as well as Open Street Map (OSM); in addition to Google’s Street and Satellite layers
  • Multiple markers in multiple categories and groups, with individual icons that can be toggled individually or as groups
  • Multiple Routes
  • AJAX and JSON powered map data
  • Powerful CMS enhancements to make adding map markers or plotting routes simple


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